Coffee? Clean? Cupcake?

This blog belongs to Tawnya... or TJ, Rockstar,
Dawn Weiner {Welcome to the Dollhouse fans, anyone?}
or Sissy.

She's ...currently a work in progress {coincidentally enough just like this page er.. blog} wink wink...

But why Coffee. Clean. Cupcake. ??

When TJ decided to JUMP into the blog world it happened
to be a morning that she was enjoying her second cup of coffee
and eyeballing the cupcakes on the counter. She told herself that if she
scrubbed the bathroom, re-arranged the living room, and folded the laundry
she would then be deserved of cupcake splendid[ness].
And a blog was born.

She is a thirty{something} mom-on-the-go who is madly in love
with her DBF [darling boyfriend] & their 5 children {collectively}. 
Because of that [the collectively part] we should install
one of those fancy hotel revolving doors in our home which, by the way,
is located in almost exactly the center of the Central Coast. 
You will often find pictures of her adorable baby beans
either front and center or in the background
of almost everything she does.

She's total OCD and a perfectionist which means she plans more than she ever actually executes.

She's a Scorpio in it's truest form.
She's sometimes playful, sometimes dreary {always sarcastic}.

She loves strenuous outdoor activities
but that's only if you can get her out of the comfort of her own home.

She can unravel mysteries.

Is the undisputed champion of everything.

Her brain contains 1000's of trivial facts to delight and amaze you.

She is not a fan of being asked personal questions
but will divulge almost anything.

She believes life is to be lived as she breathes it in and
as she learns will write about
all of it here.

Has a deep-seated need to keep everything which is totally fine
if you have the space & organizational compass [of which she does not]
so it may eventually put her
on a future episode of Hoarders.

She loves dressing up but will most days be found in her {mom}iform, adores getting things in the mail, wears her hair up 363 1/2 days a year, has a ball with anything crafty, finds joy in common day routines, scours craigslist daily, makes list upon list for everything from groceries to what to pack and hopes that someday Pinterest counts as a hobby. 

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