Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Assertive Rights {and Yours too}

Each person comes with a set of rights and regulations. We all vary in patience, ideas, tolerance, love, anger, morals, beliefs, etc. We also have various degrees of behavior and how we handle other people, situations, issues, relationships and power struggles.

I was given a valuable technique for helping us find where we stand from passive to aggressive and I made an easy to understand chart. When you are passive {like a loyal teddy bear} you do not cause a stir or stand up for your issues but in doing that you cause an underlying volcano of emotions. When you are aggressive {like an angry snake} you tend to stand up too heavily for your issues and have a tendency to forget others have their own rights and issues.

When you are assertive {like a wise owl} you pay equal attention to what is right for you and what is right for the other person.

Within your assertive rights is a powerful belief system. It empowers you to take care of yourself while you remain respectful of other people taking care of themselves.

Here is a list of my {and your} Assertive Rights:

When we live by strive to maintain our own assertive rights and honor that of others we successfully create a relationship that is based on mutual understanding and respect.


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