Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eyeball Specimens {wink} {wink}

So as I've seen many creepy extremities
recreated in food
this season.

I gave eyeballs a go...

Not sure I nailed it?

And if I did... would you eat it?

If you would like to try, you need:
Hard-boiled Eggs
Food Dye
Cupcake Liners
Toothpicks & thin bristled paintbrushes

Here is what I did...
Waited for the eggs to cool
Shelled them & patted dry
A dollop of mayo in each liner then
Cut the eggs in half and put one half in each liner
Use a toothpick or paintbrush for the {veins} of the eye
(Be sure to drop extra dye along the mayo too)
Use a paintbrush for the pupil

M & W were a little reluctant to try 
because they were busy saying Eeewwwww!"
but Lil A
gobbled them right up!

If I do these for an upcoming Halloween party
we have been invited to I am going to water down
my food dye so I get a more cartoon[ish] color.

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