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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The DIY Show Off: Word Whipped Giveaway!

The DIY Show Off: Word Whipped Giveaway!: "W e are excited to have a wonderful giveaway today! Word Whipped is a fabulous etsy shop full of solid wood, hand painted and vinyl typog..."

Mom's Day Giveaway!

Here's another hint!...

I am so excited about this project! Can I enter to win?? Hehe!!! Nooooo? Darn! Here is how you can:

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Once you have done all three I will enter your name in the Mom's Day Giveaway! I will be drawing the winner on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 8th.

If you would like extra entries, send your friends to do the same but tell them to leave the comment "(Your name) sent me to enter to WIN!" Then your friend will be entered and you will get your name put in the drawing again! No limit!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Culinary Queen PEEP Topiary!

Wow! What fun!! A Chick PEEP Topiary a la The Culinary Queen

more w/my DIY PEEP wreath, breakfast & a hint photo for my Mom's Day Giveaway!!

Doing the laundry...
loads of fun!

I plan on running today...I need to organize my daughter's closet, grocery shop for my lasagna soup and key lime cupcakes that are on the menu and give some more TLC to my little butterbean with a double ear infection and a very sore throat.

As I was pondering what to eat this morning (after I already ate my weights worth in easter candy) I thought I should put to use some of the easter eggs sitting in the fridge. UGH. I closed the door and thought NO WAY! I've already eaten about 50 deviled eggs, egg sandwiches, and cobb salad (with the ham I baked YUM too). But as my morning progressed and for every time I passed the easter candy... I decided I better figure out how to make those eggs sound good.  So I did.

Bon Appetit!

As I was waiting for my toast to toast (or is that bread to toast?) and my egg to warm (in a cup of hot water after I shelled it) I grabbed my mucho adorable PEEP wreath and found some other uses for it:

And after I ate my very yummy breakfast sandwich I trolled through my trash to treasure pile to find what I will be giving a facelift to and making my Mom's Day Giveway!! Here is a hint...


Follow my blog through Google (the link is up on the left) to watch it progress and also "Like" COFFEE. CLEAN. CUPCAKE. on Facebook (link is below) then leave me the comment "I wanna enter to WIN!"

After that, keep your fingers crossed! I will be drawing the winner on Mother's Day!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

sandy toes and popsicles: 'PEEP' er Dolls: Free Spring Paper Doll Printable!...

sandy toes and popsicles: 'PEEP' er Dolls: Free Spring Paper Doll Printable!...: "i had this idea of making a paper doll collection. and since it is spring....and PEEPS are all around us, i decide to make PEEPS paper dol..."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Oh my.. how I have let my house go...

You see, I have 3 kids.  #1 is 8, #2 is 4, and #3 is 8 months old. Along with that I have a dbf (dear boyfriend) who, as we all know, counts as an extra kid. And he has 2 kids. #1 is 12 and #2 is 10.  This means alot of dirty towels, mismatched socks, random candy wrappers and dust bunnies. If in between the many interruptions I can feed the masses, clean the kitchen, taxi children, do homework, wash & fold at least one or two loads of laundry and replace the toilet paper on a daily basis then as far as I'm concerned... JOB WELL DONE!

But, I'm going to confess! The last time I touched this fireplace mantel was to clear off the Christmas decorations...

Now, once you all know me I will no longer have to apologize for my photography and as we venture on this journey I hope you will see improvements in my skills as I progress in my free HP photography lessons and hopefully one day receive the Canon EOS 60D I am dying for!!! (shameless hinting)...

I will also confess that since I moved in this house (April of 2009) I said I was going to paint said mantel a crisp white. Along with the baseboards and door frames.  Um, well, let's just say it's on my to do list, okay! This amazing giraffe canvas which I love dearly is only here to fill a void. And I was recently inspired by browsing spring mantel inspiration photos online.  So, I gathered nearly every pastel and white decor item I own, including the few Easter things I have in a box. We can go over later why I have very little in the way of furnishings and decor....

I had to dust and clean EVERYTHING! Which is funny... it's always my reason for rearranging things in my home. My dbf will come home to the living room turned all around but honestly it's the best way to clean every nook and cranny. It's a DO OVER!!

Back to this mantel... At first I just threw everything up there:

See my cute PEEP wreath!!!
It felt cluttered and uncoordinated. I don't really have enough in the way of one solid theme for this large of a mantel. I went through TONS of potential layouts... to no avail!! I won't overload you with the many different attempts at looking fluid!!

I lugged EVERYTHING onto this mantel only to return it to it's rightful place in my home!! I spent about an hour trying to find a look I was happy with but by 4:00p.m. I was starving so I settled for this:

... for now.

The PEEP wreath didn't make the final cut but found a very happy home just off of the kids bedroom on a shuttered mirror on the wall:




I bought a box of PEEPS for a craft idea I found online and then can't seem to locate the bookmark and cannot recall where I saw it!? :( But... fear not! I WILL craft these purple PEEPS!!

I will apologize in advance for my photography and photo quality. A nice Canon EOS 60D is on my wishlist this year and I am currently in the process of a free photography training class offered by HP!

First, you need these items:

Package(s) of PEEPS any color (might need more packages depending on the size of your circle)
Glue gun & glue sticks
A cut out circle, square, ring, wreath... I used an old rubber ring off of a bowl that I kept around because I knew I would need it for something!

Next, cut apart each PEEP and then layout how many you will need. Use about 3 more than you think you need. I should have added 2 more...

Start anywhere and start-a-gluin' (be sure to add a dab in between each PEEP but try not to hit them with your metal tip or they melt.)

After you have squeezed in the last PEEP, turn it over and glue on your ribbon. I just used items I literally had around the house (this raffia ribbon was under Madi's bunkbed! LOL)

I didn't take a photo but I sat a bowl/plate on while it dried a little then I tied the ribbon in a bow but will probably add more raffia and a larger bow.

And there you have it! A fun PEEP wreath that will make the kids giggle and squirm with delight!

This project is part of an Easter landscape I'm setting up at home so stay tuned!