Wednesday, April 27, 2011

more w/my DIY PEEP wreath, breakfast & a hint photo for my Mom's Day Giveaway!!

Doing the laundry...
loads of fun!

I plan on running today...I need to organize my daughter's closet, grocery shop for my lasagna soup and key lime cupcakes that are on the menu and give some more TLC to my little butterbean with a double ear infection and a very sore throat.

As I was pondering what to eat this morning (after I already ate my weights worth in easter candy) I thought I should put to use some of the easter eggs sitting in the fridge. UGH. I closed the door and thought NO WAY! I've already eaten about 50 deviled eggs, egg sandwiches, and cobb salad (with the ham I baked YUM too). But as my morning progressed and for every time I passed the easter candy... I decided I better figure out how to make those eggs sound good.  So I did.

Bon Appetit!

As I was waiting for my toast to toast (or is that bread to toast?) and my egg to warm (in a cup of hot water after I shelled it) I grabbed my mucho adorable PEEP wreath and found some other uses for it:

And after I ate my very yummy breakfast sandwich I trolled through my trash to treasure pile to find what I will be giving a facelift to and making my Mom's Day Giveway!! Here is a hint...


Follow my blog through Google (the link is up on the left) to watch it progress and also "Like" COFFEE. CLEAN. CUPCAKE. on Facebook (link is below) then leave me the comment "I wanna enter to WIN!"

After that, keep your fingers crossed! I will be drawing the winner on Mother's Day!!

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Ashlee said...

Tawnya, Your site is very cute! I also loved your bunny peep wreath! Very cute and I love the purple. Can't wait to see what you have been up to. Sign me up to win your Mother's Day giveaway! I am also a follower on Facebook! Will be checking back often. :)