Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pet Rocks!

As one of the kids starting begging for a new dog I jokingly said, "Go out and make a Pet Rock! That way it's waaay easier for mom to clean up after!!!" The first Pet Rock was made:

The girls started teasing that T was a little cuckoo for drawing a face on a rock... but lo & behold they decided maybe just maybe that could be a whole lotta fun!

We have The Mayor & his wife who run the art gallery:

The Cat that runs the local restaurant:

The Odd Family:

The Green Family:

The Puffle Family:

The Crazy Family:

M's Masterpiece:

W loves his rocks...

T's Doggie Lemonade Stand:

And my personal favorite...

All this while Aden played hula hoop...

Heeheehee!! What new craft are your kids in to?


1 comment:

alohakiefel said...

Oh the memories....I remember having & playing with pet rocks as a kid :o)