Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinterest rests my mind

I am a collector. Of pictures. Of articles. Of personal interests.
So somehow someone smarter than I created Pinterest JUST FOR ME!

In one place I collect my ideas, loves, interests and projects, things to bake, things to make, etc.  I can't believe the space it opened up in my troves of binders and magazine articles but most importantly, in my mind! No more non-descript bookmark titles that I never revisit. No more clippings all over my desk of "things I want to make or do someday." It's all totally self-contained in one website!

Last week I was dying for some delicious but different cupcakes so I went to my 
And decided on these Neapolitan Cupcakes:

Here's mine (I added defrosted frozen raspberries to my strawberry cake mix):

I have been posting a lot about Pinterest lately but soon I will start posting about my girls room I am
decorating! It's going to be fun and funky.. here's some hints...

Come join in on the fun!! If you aren't already playing pop over an email and I will send you an invite!


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alohakiefel said...

Oh how I've missed your Blogs. Thank you for Blogging! <3