Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I Whipped Up Wednesday @ Sugar and Dots - Family Rules Subway FREE Printable


There are two ways to read today's blog title...



Family Rules: A form and function or set of standards for performing, growing, learning and surviving within a unit comprised of other individuals that you were either born into, you married or you made.

Really they both apply to my discussion today (or should this be called a rambling? hehe) Of all the beautiful families we are lucky enough to know with our own sets of joys, triumph, elation, sadness, turmoil and stress we all can say WE RULE! We all have reason to be proud of the life we have built for ourselves and our children.

More than likely the reason this is so is because we have laid a foundation of expectation in our children from right and wrong. Family rules define what is and isn't allowed in your family. They apply to everybody.

Defining your family rules can be helpful, especially if you're having disciplinary problems. But not required. Some families don't see the use in conforming to rules or guidelines.  But, if done right, the use of a family value statement can cover the territory. Similar to a company's mission statement, your family values statement is a written set of beliefs and behavior guidelines that everyone in your family agrees to live by. If a behavior doesn't fit into your family's value statement, it is against the rules, and that's that. Other families rely on clearly defined family rules laid out like 1. Don't Lie, 2. Don't Cheat, 3.... you get the drift.  It's a matter of your family's approach to life.

In our family I made a clearly defined family value statement called Family Rules...

After I came up with the wording and addressed the "issues" we have within our family unit (that if each one of us was personally responsible for carrying out on their own would free up a lot of time Mom and Dad spend refereeing, reminding and regulating such a simple set of daily exercises for living) I went through them with the children. I used examples like what it means to be polite or how to use "big words" instead of small ones when you are angry or aren't sure how to express your feelings. I reminded the kids that if these were things we could carry out and remember on our own it would create a happy place for all of us to live. You'll notice I also added some fun things in there too because life is un-fun enough all on it's own! And it's so much easier to get what you are looking for by making it seem enticing or exciting to the individual you are looking to get something from!!

Of course this doesn't cover all the bases and may not apply entirely to your family but it's a start. I'm going to have it printed up on a large wrapped canvas and hang it on the wall right next to the front door. You can download it and print it out anyway you like. Put it in a standard 8x10 frame, a large canvas like me, or simply print a quick copy and add it to your family's bulletin board like this:

I loved doing this and appreciate your comment love to let me know you're there...

Tootles, TJ

Monday, May 16, 2011

Father's Day Card!

Just finished putting the wording together and printed the cutest little Father's Day Card! It can be customized with personal wording and color choices!!

You've got to check out the Friday giveaway from Get Your Craft On and link up your latest dafty crafty!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I put the final coat on this little treasure and put an entry in for each person that followed my blog, liked my page & commented here or there. Only one lucky winner....drum roll please...


Can I get a Woot! Woot! Congrats to you! Send me an email with your mailing address so I can mail you my first giveaway prize!

And Happy Mother's Day to all of you deserving Mommas! 

Tootles, TJ

Saturday, May 7, 2011


You are gonna want to be sure you are entered! It's a super cute, super shabby breakfast in bed tray! Oh I am so in love! All it needs is a clear coat and it's ready to ship! Will I be shipping it to you??

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Yippee for Saturday!

I am OCD. defines OCD as:

1. Office of Civil Defense.
2. obsessive-compulsive disorder.

hahahahaha I literally LOL'd. Not only did just list my "disorder" but it described the state of my home. An office of civil defense. Yes! Daily!

Urban Dictionary has many definitions for OCD but I liked this one best:

You must repeat things & things must be  "perfect" in your own way.

YES! That is exactly me. Because my next thought I was going to add was...

I'm also a perfectionist. Those are two things that are practically impossible when there are 6 other people that reside in your home. Part of being a perfectionist is if I can't do something perfectly right. Then I just don't do it. HA! This was the first definition for perfectionist on Urban Dictionary:

Someone who finds it hard to be happy with their work unless it is of a very high standard. For example, if a perfectionist gets a B grade, they think they have failed as they feel that it's not good enough.

It can be self-destructive and time wasting as perfectionists often procrastinate to avoid doing important tasks in what they see as a substandard way.

They push themselves beyond the normal limits to achieve their goals and people are sometimes surprised by what they can accomplish.

Perfectionists do not deal well with pressure and close deadlines, particularly when the work is important, as they feel they do not have enough time to make their work 'perfect' and therefore be happy with it.

It can be both a blessing and a curse.

Perfectionists are not the same as those who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), although they can be obsessive about their work.

Jill: I'm a perfectionist. I'm not happy with my work unless I know it's the best it can be.
Jack: I hadn't noticed.
Jill: I detected a tad of sarcasm in your voice just then.

Guilty as charged! I've never viewed it as something I should change about myself but as I get older I feel like it is more of a hindrance than ever before. Because not only do I expect perfection from myself but from all those around me. And nooobody is perfect. I realize that. Why spend my life or my time searching for something as ridiculous as perfection. Some of lifes greatest wonders are caused by imperfection! And as I studied the word imperfect I saw something new. imperfect. (im)perfect. im perfect. I'm Perfect. :) and so are you.

The kids and I have been madly playing on our humongous blow up slide this week because we have been blessed with beautiful weather so I have not been working on my Mom's Day Giveaway! But I will not disappoint! I will work on it tonite and have it ready by tomorrow for the drawing!! Make sure you follow my entry instructions so that you don't miss out!!!

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That's it!! I would love to be at 25 followers before the drawing tomorrow!! So be sure to share this with your friends and you'll get an extra entry for each one!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FREE Mother's Day Printable!

 Being a mother means that your heart is no longer yours,
it wanders wherever your children do.

These are my babies. I want to live forever to watch as their lives unfold but would die for them. I want to see in them growth and independence, but want to hold them close and never let them go for fear they might get hurt out in the big world. I've been puked on, peed on, pooped on, wiped boogers with my bare hands, kissed dirty wounds only to remember I'm a total germ-a-phobe but would do it all over again exactly the same way if I had to. Most days are filled with don't do this, make sure you do that, WHY did you think that was a good idea and AAAARRRRRGGGG! that only other mommies can understand. But then there are days like their birthday or more specifically, Mother's Day, that make your heart start to swoon and reminisce about your dear little wee ones. The first time they say Mama or when one of them brings you a flower from outside or the one my #2 gets me with all the time is "Momma! Momma!" as if he has some big emergency or something very dastardly he's done or is about to do... only to answer when asked "What is it?"... he says "I love you." honor of us Moms I've created a FREE Printable just for Mother's Day!

What is it you might ask? Well, it's a wine label. So print on glossy or photo paper with the setting to high and borderless on your printer. Cut it out and glue stick it to any yummy bottle of wine (or your fave vodka, tequila...hehe) for your mom, mom friend or yourself! I like to add a bow and Voila! Magnifique!

If you would like this FREE printable simply email me at to request your own copy. Would you be so kind as to follow me first? Thank you!


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