Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yippee for Saturday!

I am OCD. defines OCD as:

1. Office of Civil Defense.
2. obsessive-compulsive disorder.

hahahahaha I literally LOL'd. Not only did just list my "disorder" but it described the state of my home. An office of civil defense. Yes! Daily!

Urban Dictionary has many definitions for OCD but I liked this one best:

You must repeat things & things must be  "perfect" in your own way.

YES! That is exactly me. Because my next thought I was going to add was...

I'm also a perfectionist. Those are two things that are practically impossible when there are 6 other people that reside in your home. Part of being a perfectionist is if I can't do something perfectly right. Then I just don't do it. HA! This was the first definition for perfectionist on Urban Dictionary:

Someone who finds it hard to be happy with their work unless it is of a very high standard. For example, if a perfectionist gets a B grade, they think they have failed as they feel that it's not good enough.

It can be self-destructive and time wasting as perfectionists often procrastinate to avoid doing important tasks in what they see as a substandard way.

They push themselves beyond the normal limits to achieve their goals and people are sometimes surprised by what they can accomplish.

Perfectionists do not deal well with pressure and close deadlines, particularly when the work is important, as they feel they do not have enough time to make their work 'perfect' and therefore be happy with it.

It can be both a blessing and a curse.

Perfectionists are not the same as those who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), although they can be obsessive about their work.

Jill: I'm a perfectionist. I'm not happy with my work unless I know it's the best it can be.
Jack: I hadn't noticed.
Jill: I detected a tad of sarcasm in your voice just then.

Guilty as charged! I've never viewed it as something I should change about myself but as I get older I feel like it is more of a hindrance than ever before. Because not only do I expect perfection from myself but from all those around me. And nooobody is perfect. I realize that. Why spend my life or my time searching for something as ridiculous as perfection. Some of lifes greatest wonders are caused by imperfection! And as I studied the word imperfect I saw something new. imperfect. (im)perfect. im perfect. I'm Perfect. :) and so are you.

The kids and I have been madly playing on our humongous blow up slide this week because we have been blessed with beautiful weather so I have not been working on my Mom's Day Giveaway! But I will not disappoint! I will work on it tonite and have it ready by tomorrow for the drawing!! Make sure you follow my entry instructions so that you don't miss out!!!

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That's it!! I would love to be at 25 followers before the drawing tomorrow!! So be sure to share this with your friends and you'll get an extra entry for each one!


Ashlee said...

1. I am a follower of your cute blog!
2. I also like you on facebook.
3. I can't think of a more fun thing than a contest on Mother's Day. I hope you have a happy Mother's Day Tawyna!


Thank you Ashlee! You're in it to win it! ;)

Sara said...

Love this post because I so identify with it! I was just talking to a friend about how my perfectionist tendency stops me from doing anything if I can't do it "perfectly". I love your words about some of life's greatest wonders being caused by imperfection!

Andrea said...

Love your "imperfect" discovery!